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NYSVARA Member Benefits

NYSVARA Has Partnered with Savvik Buying Group to Give NYSVARA Members a Buying Group Benefit - Please be sure to mention NYSVARA as your association affiliation when registering with Savvik.

Savvik Buying Group is a Minnesota based non-profit corporation serving as a contracting agency for public safety, education and government. Formed in 1997, Savvik serves over 16,000 agencies participating in all 50 states.

We have the simple goal of providing the equipment and supplies our members need at the industry’s best prices.

Savvik creates national cooperative purchasing solutions on behalf of its member agencies. This includes public safety, government, education, and non-profit agencies nationwide. These cooperative contract opportunities save our members time and money by consolidating numerous individually prepared solicitations into one national, cooperatively shared process. Our process leverages the aggregation of volume from members nationwide. Please note that not just agencies can save with Savvik, but individuals can too! There are a variety of programs that individual NYSVARA members can utilize as well.

There is no cost, no obligation, and no liability required to join and participate in the wonderful things Savvik has to offer. There are no minimum contract purchasing requirements and no commitments for members use of Savvik contracts.

Savvik shares the revenue it earns with Local, State and National Association partners. Savvik gives 1/3 of our earnings to our Association partners whose members use participating contracts. Savvik is a nonprofit organization that truly prioritizes making positive impacts on our community.

NYSVARA is a State Association partner of Savvik. Once you register, Savvik will roster you as a member. As part of the process, they will ask if you have any association affiliation, when they do that, please be sure to mention NYSVARA.

Join Savvik

ALL NYSVARA members can use these programs and bids with no requirements of any kind from you. View a complete list of the Savvik Group Buying Vendors here.