Membership Information

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There are three (3) categories of membership in the Association:

  • Individual
  • Squad or Company
  • Sustaining

For questions regarding membership, please contact - thank you!

Individual and Squad members have full voting rights. Sustaining memberships are non-voting, and are for corporate or commercial firms wishing to support the goals of the Association. Members are organized into regions within the state.

With regional agencies now more involved than ever in EMS, it is more important than ever for volunteer squads to organize locally or to support local units (i.e. Districts) of the Association. The local Districts provide an important forum for local volunteer ambulance and rescue squads. Where a local district is not established, any 5 member squads can establish one. An existing local volunteer organization including five or more squads can be incorporated into the Association. Each District elects a Director who serves on the Association's Board of Directors.

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